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Dear Visitor,
Our products are made with pure essential oils
which easily penetrate into the inner layer of your
skin to achieve profound results. These organic
plant-based oils are known to have anti-bacterial,
anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant
properties. Our oils are hygienically distilled
using best practices. Our special hand blended
serums do not clog the pores and will help you
achieve visibly healthy beautiful glowing skin and nourished frizz-free hair. Our therapeutic serums are aromatic uplifting your mood and relaxing.
My serums are consciously created to suit specific skin and hair
needs. I endeavour to provide organic natural solutions by reaching out to those who want an alternative to the artificial chemically infused products freely available today.

I am a trained beautician and certified aroma therapist. With a
personal consultation, our serums can be made with a holistic
mindset considering the overall health of the user. A record of your progress is maintained and serums customised with specifically selected ingredients to meet your needs. I look forward to the opportunity to serve you.  

Roshni Manwani.


Our favoUrites



FrIZZ serum

This serum is ideal to smooth out frizz adding shine and softness. It helps to untangle, reduce split ends and protect from breakage.


lip balm

This balm keeps lips moisturized and supple.

It also helps to heal chapped lips.


Noursihing serum

This blend of essential oils with Turmeric protein helps to revive skin by bringing out its natural radiance. 

It also moisturizes, improves skin texture and boosts collagen.


acne serum

It is formulated to control sebum production and reduce inflammation.

Its lightweight oils will not clog pores making it suitable for oily skin.

This serum is made to fight acne, hydrates and improve cell renewal.


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Elizabeth Desai

Influencer/Curly Hairstylist


The only thing I use on my skin. The Acne Serum has helped me calm my active acne, moisture my oily skin and prevent acne all in one go! I highly recommend you ask ask Roshni’s help. She customises serums and I love that she has an holistic approach to skincare, she doesn’t believe in acids and i’m starting to believe that too. After trying all the popular/hyped/expensive things, my skin has come a long way by narrowing down to just this serum and SPF in the morning. 

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